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English for the Hospitality Sector


Hotel Casino

Focus on Languages has had extensive experience with the hospitality sector. As many of the personnel at hotels often lack verbal skills to effectively deal with the guests and patrons of these establishments, specialty courses have been designed for them, catering to their specific needs. Classes are limited to 10 students for maximum effectiveness. Previous clients include many locations from the hugely successful Kimpton Group and the innovative Joie de Vivre hotel chains. They include the following, among others:

  • The Alexis Hotel, Seattle, WA
  • The Monaco Hotel, Seattle, WA
  • Hotel Vintage Plaza, Portland, OR
  • The Tuscan Inn, San Francisco, CA
  • The Drake Hotel, San Francisco, CA
  • The Harbor Court Hotel, San Francisco, CA
  • Joie de Vivre Hotel Administration, San Francisco, CA

Each hospitality English course provides:

  • Assessment of Hotel/Casino/Restaurant needs
  • Assessment od students' levels
  • Integration of proprietary hotel materials into 10 / 20-week, or ongoing courses
  • Integrated role play conversation for sector
  • Integration of hotel rules, policies and standards into course
  • Certificate of Completion for graduates of course
  • Pre - and Post - testing, with reports to supervisors
  • Spanish and Italian courses available for management.

The client (Hotel, Casino or Restaurant) will provide:

  • Free appropriate onsite teaching area
  • Access to copy machine
  • Free parking for duration of course
  • Specific date and time to assess all students' speaking, listening, and work-specific language skills. (For this, more than 10 students may be present and will thus be devided into appropriate level classes).

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