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Teacher Profile: Brigit Solè-March


Excerpt from article originally published in Aspect News,
Aspect, Lincoln University, San Francisco


Little BrigitBrigit was born in Chicago but moved to Hollywood when she was only six months old, "not on my own," she says. She grew up in Hollywood but she always wanted to travel abroad. Brigit's ideal lifestyle was to have a "portable career."

In 1972, she went to Europe, hitchhiked through different countries, finally settling in Spain. It was in Spain that she started a business teaching doctors, lawyers and nurses. During her three years in Spain she was also able to pick up Spanish and Catalan.

Upon returning to the United States, Brigit continued her career teaching technical English with Berlitz to the Royal Iranian Air Force at Rockwell, International. In addition she decided to go back to school and obtained a degree studying foreign languages, (Portuguese and Spanish) History and Business.

Beginning in 1980, however, Brigit got the "travel bug" again and spent time in Mexico City and Guadalajara working for an advertising agency. And, in 1981, she was off to Brazil where she lived while translating a book.

In 1984, on her way to Israel to live on a kibbutz, Brigit was held up in Rome, Italy awaiting her lost luggage! After spending four days in Rome, she decided to change her plans and stay... She ended up staying in Italy for nearly six years.

While in Italy, Brigit had her own business as a Linguistic Consultant working for Italian senators and congressmen. In addition, she wrote speeches, translated and taught English for the national TV network called RAI Television.

It was 1989 when Brigit decided to return to the US and settle in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area near her family. Until 2013, she taught Italian, Spanish, ESL and Corporate English. She joined Aspect Language School at Lincoln University, San Francisco in 1990. Brigit went on to teach for over a decade at Dominican University in Marin County, California, just across the bridge from San Francisco. She now resides in Las Vegas.

Outside of her professional life, Brigit enjoys creating foreign theme dinners for friends (she is an excellent cook and was also a caterer). Some other hobbies include sailing, hiking, biking and dating! We at Aspect look forward to seeing what Brigit wears to school every day because of her elegant and exciting wardrobe. Finally, Brigit says that she loves to teach and we are happy to report that the students here really enjoy her classes.

Brigit is definitely a colorful and seasoned language instructor.


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